среда, 13 мая 2009 г.

You, as a treat drug addiction and alcoholism?

You, as a treat drug addiction and alcoholism? Rhetorical question? Допустим, плохо. And in kartishki with friends baluetes? And then! However, in «idiots» shlestnutsya home in the kitchen - is one thing, but the halls of the casino or slot machines - a business with a very powerful and profitable. As we know, from 1 July this year, according to the federal law number 244, all located outside the special zones of casino gambling and «shelter» one-thugs need to be closed. And that close? These steep, inaccessible, money? And do not get as usual?

«Roulette» Syndrome
And you know that in the capital of England, acting clinic gambling problems? So, get hardened Brits. However, the bright dream to beat the casino has the natives almost any country in the world. Why do you think lost in the Nevada desert town of Las Vegas, founded less than a hundred years ago, now has about 600 thousand permanent population? Because it grows as a yeast. Why - there is no industry there? Because as a man-dreamers that neither wanted to have a casino on its rules can not be won.
Breaking the rules, become the enemies of a solid business line for the production of money grown human Gambling and stubbornness. Risk. Psychologists say: even from the evil of drug addiction, poverty can be cured, but from Igromaniya - do not. In fact, studies show that even in the United States, though in Zimbabwe or Thailand, the number of people experiencing pathological attraction to the game - ludomanov - virtually the same - about 4 percent.
Stories of these accidents are always very emotional and quite monotonous. Generally speaking, there was, «slipped», woke up - bang, a casino, the last flickering hands get money from the purse. In general, a misfortune. So, in modern Russia and the halls of the casino gaming machines have become a lucrative business almost in the first half of the 90-ies of the last century. For example, Yuri Fedorov, the owner of the casino capital, is located on the Polar street, opened his school in 1995. Not somewhere in the center, and almost on the outskirts of Moscow. And well feel the time being. Incidentally, the 90-ies in the capital zlachnye these institutions operate strictly in accordance with the rules of the Moscow authorities. But in 2002 the rules of the game, sorry for the pun, the federal law was radically changed. Vdumaytes, on the basis of a license issued Goskomsportom, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to open for at least ten casinos. Here they are, and rasplodilis. Four years ago in Moscow there were 2770 of various gambling establishments. By the way, experts estimate the number of ludomanov in Moscow in the 250-300 thousand people! Here is a toy and card.